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**Happy Mood!**

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Yup tis a big announcement for me ............... *drum roll*


Dunno why but i seem very happy!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: ain't it great! woot woot!!

Maybe because i was honest with someone and got a few things out in an email earlier, but whatever it is i feel bloody fantastic!!

I just hope it continues longer than an hours lol
Woot!!! I am so happy that you are happy hun!!!! You deserve all the possible happiness on earth! *Starts chanting, Vikki is happy, woot, Vikki is happy woot! *

:hug: :dance:
woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:biggrin: <<< me right now!!!

I have no idea why im so happy! lol but i like it!!!

Usually night are the worse for me as some of ya have found out lol but meh is happy! :biggrin:
............. and the good mood continues :biggrin:

Which is very suprising with the amount of sleep i've had and how much i LOVE my sleep :tongue:
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