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  1. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    So my cousin Thomas, he is the only good one in the mom side of the family. He is getting married to his girlfriend Maribeth on October 23 2010 in Las Vegas. Now this is a fancy one, not an Elvis one.

    I got a phone call today from Thomas, telling me I've been invited to be a bridesmaid. :D :D :D :D

    I'm so excited I'm crying. I never really felt accepted with my mom's family, but now its clear that atleast Thomas and Maribeth care for me.

    I'm about to leave for a dress fitting, then have lunch with them. I have to get a hold of myself or I'll break down in front of them lol.

    But I thought I'd share this happy news :) Its really what I needed. :D Not to mention i'm SOOOO glad Thomas is getting married. He deserves it.
  2. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    :yay: Shelbi you knock them out by being the best bridesmaid ever :biggrin:
  3. L108935

    L108935 Well-Known Member


    Awesome Shelbi
  4. MadeOfGlass

    MadeOfGlass Well-Known Member

    Congrats!!!! Have tons of fun! :D :hug:

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