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    I see plenty of them. And they sicken me. For no other reason that they are happy. I could come with fine examples of other's suffering, on how worthless they are, how miserable most are, but that would be lying. I know it is because I, myself, do not feel their joy. I know it is because I believe them to be happy because of my lack of joy, that they find amusement in me, that they wish to show their happiness to remind me what I do not have. They are friendly to one another, like the perfect little happy family, with every sort of social greeting, while I just stare at them, with a blank expression, silently speaking against them, for I dare not speak my mind, for I know I am in the wrong. I realise fully that I am selfish, that their joy has nothing to do with me, but I believe otherwise. How could I not.

    It's like feasting in front of one tied to a tree.
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    So so true.
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    I can relate to that. My social anxiety has increased because when I have to face people, everyone seems happy or excited for being alive, that makes me feel a complete outcast.
    Before coming to this forum, I used to feel like I was the only unhappy person in the world.
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    ..and then you see other 'sad' people cheering each other up with smilies, 'hugs', and so on. Lovely, isn't it?