happy ,sad ,mad ,confused !!!!!

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  1. patacake

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    Im all of the above , literally everything has changed for me apart from my kids thank goodness and my job .

    The last 4 years have been arduous and i hate to moan bc there are so many worse off than me esp on this site - although i ve had my share of the shit its just boxed away is all some of it never to see the light of day again.

    Anyways even when i do get a chance of being happy , having a wild fun time- it is peppered with risks that it could all be a bad move so im forced to avoid that too or am I ?

    What do I do make my bewildered life a tad more complicated throw caution to the wind and possibly just end up enjoying myself , or just sit down shut up and accept my lot .

    hmm tough call

  2. itmahanh

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    Hun there is nothing wrong with feeling all those things as long as you dont try to feel and deal with them alone. You've got tons of great people here who will always look out for you. As for the throwing caution to the wind.... once in a while allow yoursel to cuz that's what life is all about. Never sit down, shut up and accept your lot or your done hun!!!!