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happy st. patricks day...


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So, people that I've talked to in Chat know a lot about what's been happening with my dog, and me and my mom finally chose to make the decision to put my dog down since he's only gotten worse in the past week.

A few days ago he started looking really weird in the eye area, and it ended up being Horner Syndrome, which is when the eye gets pushed back in and trapped behind the eyelid.. it could be caused by tons of things, and we're guessing its from a tumor since the other options are really complicated and don't really make sense in our situation. He's been peeing and pooping in the house despite that fact that we let him outside as many times as possible, he drank water like it was the end of the world yet his kidneys and everything tested out OK, he wasn't diabetic either.

It's been like the worst week imaginable for me and this day just marks it's end. Nothing can get worse than this. I've had this dog since I was 4 years old and was there to see him die in the vet's office. I wish we could have gotten him put down in our house where he'd comfortable, but that just wasn't an option. I'm not a believer in god, but I do believe he is in a much better place where he can't suffer any longer. Being able to sit or lay down is a basic right that a dog should be able to perform painlessly, but he couldn't.

I wish you all the best St. Patrick's day, and I hope you understand that this dog wasn't just considered as a dog in my family, he was family. I have very little friends and these dogs are all I have for physical support when I'm unable to talk to my one friend that lives in-state and my boyfriend out of state.


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i'm really sorry to hear about your dog but i'm glad hes at peace now. my dog getting old and i know it will be devastating when he passes. our pets are our family, closer to us than humans sometimes. again, i'm very sorry for your loss and i hope you are okay. x


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:hug: I know what you mean, and I wish I could take that pain away. I really do. But just know I'm here for you. :wub: :hug: Take care.

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