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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by suicide_ideation, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. This is my first post, in this section of the boards, all my other posts were in the soap box.

    I never really talked about my problems in here. I really don't know how to summarize them.

    My mind is completely gone, and now my body aches.

    This thread is about suicide not being such a big thing after all, for some. Or at least me. I am prolife for others, I have lots of compassion.

    I've had this thought about ending my life, unprecipitately, when I'm relatively ok, lying in bed, holding a loaded gun (which I do not own), and without thinking too much about it, shooting myself. I don't view this as even sad. It's almost like nothing. Some suffer badly and don't want to do it, etc. This must be different.

    So, why is this such a big deal? Other than it will hurt some people.

    Releasing yourself into the unknown, or into the emptiness. We didn't exist for an eternity before we were born - the past has no beginnings. So, why is it so bad to never live again after we die?

    By the way, I'm not planning on going through with this. Just an idea.
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    Have you seen the movie I Heart Huckabees? It's a great movie as far as existential movies go. The male existential detective, who is based on the real-life Tibetan Buddhist professor Bob Thurman and played by Dustin Hoffman, shouts out in the movie several times "not nothing." The movie's soundtrack is also very good, with some pretty good, existential lyrics.

    A theme of the movie is the nature of dualism -- that a sense of infinite meaning and a sense of nihilism play on each other and the truth is somewhere in between. Bob Thurman (played by Dustin Hoffman) represents infinite meaning. He thinks every action is infinitely meaningful and interconnected with everything else. Nihilism is represented by a sexy, French female philosopher from France. However, things are not infinitely meaningful nor nothing, and the movie expresses this point in the line "no magic, no manure." A similar point is also made in the following journal article on boredom:

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    dude.. what the fuck do you have a avatar of < Mod edit : Hazel >
    wtf are you communist?
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  4. Yes, I'm a kind of a communist. Are you a capitalist?

    This isn't the place to discuss politics, anyway, you can on the soap box and make a thread critizing it.
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    I think hurting others is a good reason not to commit suicide, especially if you're not in deep despair. What do you mean when you say your mind is gone?
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