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Happy things.

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So here's the deal. I'll post a happy thing, and you post a happy thing, and we'll all read it and smile. It can be anything that makes you happy.

(I'm posting it here because things like this usually make me smile. Sad faces are sad. Let's all post happy things.)

(Even though, of course, you're all entitled to be sad. Don't deny your emotions.)

(But happy things make me happy. Right, so here I go. Ha)

1) Balloons.
My sunshine...

Dancing in the rain
Picnics at the park
Holding someone I love close
True love
Spending time with my soulamte, Carol

Undoing shoelaces after a long day
Ice cream sandwiches in the summer
Tickle fights
Every horror movie made

Asian foods
The true friends I have

Walking alone at night
All phone calls late into the evening
Loving someone that loves you back
Making secret messages
Art shows and making art
Recording sounds, shooting shots, acting, and making films
The fact that today is another chance


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Compassionately snuggling up to the person you most deeply care about, taking in each others scent and warmth, hearing each others heartbeats, and breathing, at night whilst the rain comes down on your tin roof.


The thought of the huge traffic tie-up I could create, and how many people I could annoy, by killing myself in the right way and at the right spot. :)


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Falling asleep while watching a favorite old movie.
The way my dog snuggles up to me while sleeping.:smile:
The rat and rabbit knowing when I'll come home and eagerly waiting at the cage doors for some affection from me.:smile:
Knowing my stray kitties have food to eat and a warm shelter to sleep in during the coming cold weather.:smile:

last but not least...

My friends on sf whom I love and care for so very much - just thinking about you makes me happy.:smile: :smile:



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I will try...I know my happy parts are wanting to come out, they just don't last too long anyhow :wink:

road trips when the weather is beautiful
antique or yard sales when you find a bargain
happy days when you feel loved
sharing Christmas dinner with your family
feeling the sand, at the beach, in your toes
gerbera daisies
when your dog sleeps on the pillow like a person
wonderful, slow, tender kisses
reading a good novel
a clean house
new skirts and shoes that fit
Chocolate Mouse pie that melts in your mouth
receiving emails from a good friend
floating down the cold river in the intertube when it is 105 degrees
watching a movie at home while your guy puts his arm around you


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Feeding the ducks, pidgeons, swans, gulls, moorhens etc, at the park.
A decent cup of tea.
Happy experiences with friends.


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I can imagine how I would feel: first being annoyed at being tied up in traffic, then to find out it was because someone killed themselves...:sad:

No, I'll imagine letting a car into the flow of traffic - now that would make that driver happy.


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the way my cat lays next to me sleeping and dreaming
good music
the smell of spring and the melting snow
the sun when i wake up on the weekend and look outside
roadtrips with good friends
staying in hotels in places you've never been
knowing that there are some people that understand me
my tattoos
seeing kids play in the park
knowing that hopefully one day i'll have a little mini me running around
mini golf, go carting, skating, batting cages, amusement parks
warm days but not too warm
my suv
when i come home and it's cold inside, but then i go in my room and it's nice and warm
The way Jasper and Roxy are always hyper until they see I have food... and then they just sit still until I give it to them
Watching my piano teacher play piano
actually playing the piano
good music overall
the sound of rain on the roof
playing badminton by purely relying on reflexes
my little cousins that never stop smiling
actually falling asleep
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