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    Doesn't really look promising, the twitches I'm getting are the exact same ones I got before I kept switching. It's been nigh on three months since my last one.
    I'm scared.

    Someone save me from the hell, I have undoubtedly caused the innocent, caring and amazing people who I have around me. Me, and me alone. It's my fault. Always has been. Is it that, I cause people so much stress they crack?

    I fucking hate being like this.

    If anyone knows me physically reads this, I'd like you to know that I'm sorry. I can't do this, I hate putting you through hell. I just wanna sleep eternally, not die. Just sleep forever.

    I'm sorry. I love you all. Each and every person in the world. Even those of you that someday, I'm going to kill. I still love you, just, I'm gonna fucking kill you.

    And isn't it bloody great? I feel... weird. As if, I dunno. Dissociated maybe? Slightly. I dunno. Confused.

    What if they come back?
    Just cause me to have ultimate stress again. Shit.

    Ignore my rambling.
    I go and be scared somewhere else.