hard times

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I have tried to kill myself a few times. The first was hanging myself from the beam in my house, my brother got home early and got me down but id gone blue in the face.. that time was really bad.. the second time i cut myself really deep but my dad took me into hospital. and the third time i took loads of pills but that didnt work either. ive been into hospital in the mental health wing 4 times. i have paranoid schizophrenia and i was diagnosed last year. i was living with the voices and visions since i was 8 years old and im now 20. its been hard times but i have got through it and now im doing really well. the meds work brilliantly and i dont see or hear anything unusual anymore! thanks for listening ... :smile:


Hey - welcome to the forum :) I am glad that you're doing so much better now. Hope to see you about


:welcome: to SF sadie. I am sorry to hear about the rough times you have been through. It is good to know that these can be overcome and things can go well. I am happy for you. Thanks so much for sharing with us. i wish you only good days ahead. Take care. :hug:
wow that's amazing. well done! it's so great to hear someone can go through so much and come out the other end okay. i'm glad the meds work for you, because they don't for some people. your story is very encouraging! congrats on being so strong. you deserve to be here :)
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