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  1. FoReVeR LoSt

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    I can't even express my feelings through words anymore :( I use to be able to write everything i needed to out in words, use to tell people how i felt about them through words...now i can't express myself in any way what so ever. i'm having a hard time writing this right now. Maybe i just need someone to sit me down and make me talk to them until i was blue in the face. I put on such a great act though, pretending that everything is ok, so no one knows if they should come over and ask me. I suppose if i needed someone to talk to i could just ask, but that's my problem...who do i ask?

    i don't know who I am anymore and my mind is filled with all these thoughts that i'm having trouble expressing!!!!! I feel like i may have a breakdown soon and for *%&# sakes i'm such a loser! what am i thinking? what am i talking about...

  2. empty101

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    Just talk. Don't worry if you sound stupid, or it doesn't make any sense, sometimes we need to unleash it all.

    How come you THINK you're such a loser?
  3. FoReVeR LoSt

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    I think i'll sound even more crazy than i actually come across when i unleash it all!!! like when i told my sister today that i'm getting bored of food, i've been eating the same food for the past 23yrs, i'm going to get bored and stop eating.

    I believe i'm a loser because i just do...it's a thing i've had for the past 10yrs
  4. empty101

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    when I was depressed I never really wanted to eat, been there.

    okay then, what do you consider a loser?