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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Razz63, Jun 16, 2012.

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    I'm a fifty-year-old and I signed on to the site to see how other people cope with the distress I constantly associate with my own living. A little over two years ago I was fired from a large trucking firm for doing my job legally and I have been struggling ever since. Recently another large firm is threatening my job by laying off hundreds of people across the state of Illinois, and the fact is, I am worn out with looking for job after job to make up for the pitiful way people seem to need to treat each other in a work environment. Only two months ago, for instance, I had to actually go to corporate at my present business to get the dock personell associated with my deliveries to unload my truck so I could end my 14 hour day (fived days a week) on time, and legally. The people at the dock were throwing personal trash into my van after taking the freight off and insulting me with rude behavior even though I am extraordinarily polite and explained over and over again that I was a high priority delivery so that I could get off duty on time to stay legal. Day to day I see more and more road rage, police stops for traffic revenue and other such nonsense, and like I said: I really am interested in how other people deal with it, and any advice I can get about the same. Thanks, and how come no one has invented an emoticon with a helecopter gunship chasing a smiley across open terrain? I feel that way a lot, Razz63 :nonchalance:
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    Hi Razz63 welcome to SF.
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    Hi Razz and welcome.. Look around here some and see if can find a good place for next post.. Lots of forums..got any questions please let us know.. Jim
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    Welcome to SF Razz. It is good to have you join our community. :hug:
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