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  1. Shock

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    Hi all,

    This is just a rant. Im soooo pissed off.

    Im a web developer, meaning for a living I make websites. I got a new job recently. The first thing they had me do was make an iPhone app.

    Now this for the uninitiated is like asking a carpenter to work a day as a welder. Although there kind of in the same industry they are completely different skills. So naturally I said I couldnt do this as I didnt know how. However I was told there was now a hybrid platform to turn my web code into iPhone code. So reluctantly (this is my first day on the job remember) I said I would give it a go without making any promises.

    For the next 2 months I work my ass off - doing 10hr shifts at the office and often a few hours at home. Not only did have this app to do but regularly web work as well. I learn so much and slave away at this. It consumes my life. I lie awake at night trying to get my head around issues.

    Finally, last week, its done. I show the clients. Their thrilled! My boss is happy with it and I'm really proud of my self. I submit the app to Apples app store and finally get to catch my breath and return to what im comfortable with - making websites.

    That is until yesterday. I get an email from Apple saying my app's been rejected. Panicking I ring them. They cannot tell me what I can do to improve it. I ask for an appeal. The answer comes back: no. Meanwhile the deadlines looming and I cant fix it because I dont know what to fix. My boss is pissed the clients pissed and I feel powerless.

    So yeah - thanks Apple....its only a fucking app
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    Firstly, I'm sorry that you are going through such a difficult time at the moment Shock. It seems unfair that Apple won't even give you any guidance on how to improve your app. What does your boss and clients have to say about this? You say they're pissed, and I'm assuming that they are pissed at Apple, as clearly they have no reason to be so at you. I hope this gets resolved somehow, and soon. Take care :hug:

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    My understanding is that the most often rejected apps are ones they deem too similar or or duplicate to other apps, or that they decide there are already enough apps of similar nature and if there are not inovations it is declined. I only say this to point out it may not be you at all but rather the clients request that was the problem from the beginning. It in no way excuses Apple's refusal to give a reason however.
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    Unless copyrights were violated, I don't see the problem. Apple is an American company. The American economic system is supposed to be based on a free market and competition. There are lots of products on the market that are very similar to one another. In the end, the one that sells the best wins. As a consumer, I like being able to choose which product I like the best. Not that I own an iPhone or anything... because as a consumer, I decided it was something I don't need. And if Apple wants to be so damn picky over what sorts of apps they "allow" on their platform, all the more reason for me to reject their product. Because I feel there are already too many other products of a similar nature and Apple obviously isn't innovative enough to cause me to give a fuck.
  5. Finance

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    I would have expected it to go through, also. Let the market decide.

    Sorry for the bad news.
  6. BornFree

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    Shock... Im so sorry things are so rough for you at the moment... it does sound like your work is being a bit unfair making these demands on you. I am no IT expert although my husband is in IT. I just wanted to put this out there... I dont know where you're from but here in the uk Samsung is very big at the moment & the Samsung Galaxy is looking like it may overtake the iphone. Samsung have been having a huge exposure with their sponsoring the Olympics. Anyway I wanted to ask if you'd considered approaching Samsung or any other app company? Maybe you'll have more success...?
    Anyway just a thought, really hope things work out for you soon.
    All the best & remember you as a person are worth far more than any app
    Hang in there