Has anyone been sectioned by the psych?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by downunder, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. downunder

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    Just wondering if anyone has been sectioned by the shrink?

    Last time I went the "H" word was mentioned. Hospital.

    What happens, do they suddenly take you away??? Just curious.
  2. Kemra

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    Sectioned? Haven't heard it called that before, but last time I was put in to the psych ward it was more or less voluntary, a doctor decided I needed time away and that I was a danger to myself, he arranged for someone to go with me and I signed a release form to say it was a voluntary act or something like that, bit hard to remember in the state I was in lol. Dunno about other hospitals, but in Tassie, Aus I was in a secure ward and not allowed to leave without a family member or friend willing to take responsibility for me and assuring my nurses I wouldn't drink, do drugs, etc, etc. That was an easy promise to make.. all I wanted was a cup of coffee, we weren't allowed to have caffeine beyond tea. Your assigned a social worker who helps you with anything on the outside, and offers to help with housing, money, etc if your there for an extended period like I was. Oh, and your not allowed things like mobile phones, anything you can use to harm yourself or others, they do a bag search and get you to turn out your pockets, no worse than any airport.

    Not scary at all and no men in white coats with straight jackets to drag you away, much to my dissapointment.. Other than that not much to tell, your assessed, they try and treat the immediate problems such as prescribing anti-depressants or anti-psychotics if you need them, you get encouraged to do some of their activities and groups, and after they're assured your stable they release you back into an unexpecting world.

    Oh.. 1 other tip.. don't sit next to the lady with the obsessive-compulsive disorder that drinks 20 litres of milk a day when watching tv.. it ends badly and involves spew and much laughter on her part...
  3. Crue-K

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    Hi, I have been sectioned 3 times, once involuntary and twice voluntary. The first time is a little daunting as you do not know what to expect. Once you are settled into a ward the boredom sets in, believe me, it is very tedious on a psychiatric ward.

    A Tip: When you get given the menu's to pick your luch, dinner etc, if you don't see anything you like, just write on what you want and you get it. (Well you do in Wrexham and Liverpool hospitals).
  4. Ignored

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    You cannot be voluntarily sectioned. Sectioned means being admitted via the Mental Health Act ie involuntarily. Otherwise you are just being admitted voluntarily, which means if you decide to leave you can, whereas if you're sectioned they decide when you're well enough to go.
  5. aoeu

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    Discussed it with my psych once. It's probably a bad idea for many of us... Nothing quite like being betrayed by someone we trust to make our lives even worse.
  6. Stranger1

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    Here in the USA it is called being Baker Acted. It is involuntary and they come and get you. I should say the sheriffs office sends someone to pick you up. They handcuff you like a criminal and throw you in the back seat. I have never done it I always go voluntary. WHen they get you to the hospital you have to go in front of a judge and he determins what will happen. When it is time to be released you have to go before him again and he determins if you are ready for release...