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Has anyone done iop?


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I have done IOP on two occasions. I didn't find the first time to be that helpful, but that group was almost all people a fair amount older than me and I was having trouble relating to their struggles, plus I was still not in a place where I necessarily really wanted to or even knew how to change. Then I did IOP again a few years later after a stay at a crisis center. My therapist got me into an IOP group with people more my own age (it was a specific young adult group) and I not only was better able to relate with the others in the group but I also had been making some progress before, so I already kinda was able to access that growth mindset and wanted to get myself back on the right track.

So I'll say the IOP experience can be really variable, and that can depend on factors inside and outside of yourself, like the other people or the facilitators, and your willingness to learn and grow. You can really get a lot out of it if the conditions are right. But of course there's no guarantees.


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I haven't but I do plan to look into it. I'm just not sure it's up and running with the current state of things here or if I am even willing to commit feeling like such crap atm.
Yeah, I assume it's all virtual at this point, which seems really awkward to me.
My therapist has been pushing it a bit, but I'm also not sure how I feel about committing to something like that.

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Honestly I'd love you to try if your insurance would pay. Because nothing lost nothing gained. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I don't know if an iop on zoom would help. I do know that you deserve to get to another side. A place of okayness and love. (Think of anything you'd tell me).
Whatever you decide we're with you and here.
Sending sunshine and sparkles...


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IOP is a crapshoot. As was mentioned it kinda depends on the group. I've been to a few that were grand and very helpful and others were a waste.

Also unsure of how IOP done on zoom would work.

Best thoughts and prayers in your direction.

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