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Has anyone else treated their depression/anxiety with TRT? (testosterone replacement therapy). Need advice as I got my blood test results back


An outcast, forgotten and excluded by society
Hello everyone. A brief summary about myself and my condition

I got my testosterone checked and it came back at 9.3 nmol/L or 268.2306 ng/DL, which my GP and online research tells me its on the lower range. The average for a male in my age range is 13 - 37 nmol/L. GP says while its in the lower range, its not dangerously low, and so he referred me to an endocrinologist for another appointment.

The reason I want to go on TRT was because i suspected I had low testosterone for a while now, and have multiple symptoms which make life quite unbearable such as

-Fatigue/low energy/always tired

-Feeling demotivated


-Anxiety and depression symptoms worsening

-Horrible focus and memory

-Sleep problems

-reduced sex drive etc.-

-persistent low mood

I have tried almost everything in trying to treat my depression and anxiety and other stuff, such as therapy (went to at least 4), 10+ antidepressants, journaling, meditation, daily intense exercise and dieting, taking vitamins, sleeping etc.

I want to give TRT a try, and was wondering if anyone here has used testosterone replacement therapy, and how it has impacted your life since starting it, as well as how long have you been on it.

I could really use some hope, as I am running out of things to try and improve my mental health


An outcast, forgotten and excluded by society

I can't really say anything, except this - good luck. I hope things work out for you. You are a good person and you deserve happiness.

I really hope this is the answer for you.
Thanks, and likewise! I wish you good luck in your job hunting, and hoping you have less psychotic breaks/suicidal thoughts etc *hug

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