Has Anyone heard from Mia?

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Mia's been on since then but I haven't seen her online for a bit either. I haven't seen her on MSN either and was thinking of her earlier today. I may drop her an e-mail later this evening.
Mia is doing fine for all those concerned. She is taking some time for herself. If i see her I will pass on all your kind wishes :hug:


oh i sent her an email last night, but its good to know that she is ok, tell her i am looking forward to speaking to her when she comes back, and send her my best wishes.


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Thank you everyone!!! :grouphug:

I am gonna respond here because I don't want someone else saying how I'm doing when they have no clue. I'm not doing so great. Extremely stressed and busy and a lot of bad things going on. I am staying away from the internet because I have been hurt too much online over the years and I just can't handle it anymore. Love you all! Take good care and I still check my PMs if anyone wants to talk.

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