has anyone here gone thru detox from alcohol, and did it help you?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by theleastofthese, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. theleastofthese

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    I'm about to commit myself to a detox center cause I can't stop drinking on my own. it just gets worse and the withdrawal effects are more than I can stand. I only need to find a friend or famioy member who can stay at my place and take care of my animals for me. Once I find someone like that, I'm gone. they said it would take three days. I guess I can stand that. I've just got to get there, that's all. I'm terrified - both of going and of not going. I'm scared to death of myself. Please help anyone
  2. rojomi

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    I have been in the same position as far as detox-scared to go, scared not to.The problem was beyond my control; this feeling was fueled by the rehab facility I was in-touch w/ at the time. I mentioned my concerns to my shrink-she advised against it.
    Have you discussed the issue w/ a shrink, M.D., or objective friend or acquaintance? It is a big decision; not that I advise against it, but there are certain ramifications that the facility will not advise you of, that you should be aware of. Mainly, it is considered hospitalization for psychiatric reasons. No big deal except that it is a matter of legal record. Has anyone advised you of the alternatives? Believe it or not, they exist. My reason for responding is that I went into rehab believing it to be my ONLY chance for survival. It was by far the most traumatic event of my life-not because of the detox, but because of conditions @ the facility, personal abuse & theft by the staff @ the facility, and the aftermath; post traumatic stress.I'm not exaggerating when I state "MOST traumatic"-I have been legally dead for medical reasons more than once; in 1 case after a severe beating.
    A 3-day detox consists of alternative drug therapy and AA meetings. It's used by the courts as 'treatment' for habitual drunks. You are under lock & key, and realize that even tho it may be 'voluntary', you can't just decide to check out early w/ out an M.D.'s consent. Not so easy to get @ any given time. Plus, the M.D. could be a real prick & have you transferred to the psych ward of your local hospital if he/she happens to be in a bad mood. Then, you may need an attorney to spring you.
    Campral is a drug that has been used for alcohol addiction-it's supposed to reduce the desire to drink, but if there is a relapse, no illness occurs as in the case w/ Antabuse(sp?). Also 72 hours is now considered the bare minimum for breaking the addiction; physical addiction still exists 5-7 days afterwards, so if you don't have a plan in place for AA or something, you might want to get one.The desire to drink usually lasts a lifetime.
    I broke my addiction AFTER detox, out of sheer terror of having to return to such an environment again. Best of luck, I do know how hard it can be.
    If I can help, pm
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