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Has counseling ever helped anyone?

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Allright, the irony of asking this here in a place called Suicide Forum is not lost on me but, hey, where else can I go? :)

Those of you that have read my other posts know that I am up to my 7th councellor/psychiatrist. Its simply not working and I dont get it. I really want it to help but I just dont see how it works! Can anyone please explain it to me?

OK - that might be a very broad question to start with! :)

What I mean is nothing the councilors/psychiatrists tell me to do is new. I've thought about these techniques before myself prior to this and it doesnt work. For example, one suggested I create a time table of activities to do. Of course Ive done that before! Didnt work.

Im not saying 'hey look at me im smarter then these people ive thought of these techniques before'. No, what I truly think is that I am missing something here,I am the problem. Can anyone give me some advice?


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Hi Shock,

We've never met, so howdy there! ;)

Back on topic: I've always gotten the impression that counselors have different specialties, so I hope you interviewed the counselors/psychiatrists you have seen before deciding that they might be a good fit for you. You seem to be very knowledgeable about different aspects and types of therapy. Good for you! :D From my experience, psychiatrists are usually there to prescribe medicine after listening to some of your problems (usually, appointments after the first are pretty short and straight-forward). In my opinion, the best case scenario is that your counselor and psychiatrist work together and contact each other periodically to bring out the best possible outcome for you.

Maybe therapy just isn't something that is going to help you in the long-run. Yes, it helps lots of people, but not everyone. Maybe you can start by putting less pressure on yourself to "get better" from therapy and just take it all slowly. I don't know if that's a good approach, but then again I hope you don't mind that I type what I'm thinking pretty quickly.

From a guy who has seen multiple psychiatrists/psychologists to another person in a similar boat, it is not something to be ashamed of. As long as you don't go telling people "you're #7!" and stuff, it's no big deal. Your therapy is catered for you, and it's up to you to experiment and attempt to take from it the best experience you can get. You're trying, and the end result just isn't there right now. I don't know what more you can do. Finding a helpful psychologist/psychiatrist that also has the skills and willingness to help you in particular isn't easy and requires luck too.

Wish you well in therapy from this point forward,


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Hi Shock,

I've been in counselling with a psychotherapist for nearly two years now, and can finally admit that I think it's helping. I was forced into it, and never wanted therapy in the first place, but having persevered with it I am finally getting somewhere, despite being sceptical.

Like you, I have always been aware of various techniques therapists use with their clients, and my counsellor recognises this and even says that I've been giving myself therapy for years, which he thinks is why I'm still alive. I think I'm lucky to have found someone who accepts that I do actually know about this stuff.

Despite this, it's so helpful to have someone who can be objective and see things from a completely different perspective to me. He picks up on things I didn't even realise were bothering me, and it allows me to bounce ideas around and get his opinion, which I now value as my trust and faith in him has grown.

However, I don't think counsellling is for everyone. But I agree with Alex, to take it slowly and give it a chance without putting pressure on yourself or your counsellor. There are never any quick fixes.

I hope you find the right person to help you. Don't lose faith just yet.

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