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has taking meds help you?

has taking meds helped you?

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morning rush

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has it? have you seen the difference and changes that happened (positive or negatives) since you started taking meds?

Do you believe that meds help you or harm you?

what are you currently taking at the moment?


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I'm currently taking 60 mg of cymbalta (duloxetine) at the moment. Cymbalta is the only anti-depressant that has helped me. It definitely helps with my depression, but it doesn't completely cure it, that's for sure. I guess I take it because it's better than nothing.

As far as anti-depressants, I've tried zoloft, lexapro, and effexor also. None of those worked at all. Zoloft made me not give not give a damn about anything, lexapro made me feel no emotion at all whatsoever (probably a good thing at the time), and effexor made me feel extremely suicidal. Effexor (venlafaxine) probably had the worst effect on me yet it seemed like it would be a good anti-depressant.

I used to take xanax which helped with anxiety for a matter of hours but it started having bad effects on me after being on it for 7 months.

So I guess to sum it up meds have helped me, but they only do so much unfortunately.


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My meds have helped quiet the voices in my head to a dull roar. I am on risperidone, citalopram, geodon, lamotrigine, and saphris. 3 antipsychotics, 1 mood stabilizer, and 1 antidepressant.

I have schizoaffective disorder, which is a mixture of bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. I hear voices, and before my incarceration (yes, I was jailed for something I won't get into), I thought I was God incarnate. I wasn't right.


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I've been on more antidepressants than I care to remember. They didn't make me better but they didn't make me worse either. Effexor had the biggest effect on me - I liked it that much that when they refused to increase my dose I went & increased it anyway. Best few weeks of my life till I ran out & then they would only dispense meds to me on a daily basis. Because of all that I don't think I'll go back on medication.


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Ultimately no, actually. But my case is rather unusual: rapid cycling bipolar doesn't respond well to medication.

I'm using an alternate cure, though, which is medical in origin.


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Definitely. It took a while to find the right one and the right dose but along with therapy i am a different person.


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i have been on multiple medication that havent helped but i am currently in a psychiatric hospital and they have put me on new meds 10mg lexapro, lithium, seroquel and i hope these do help but i will have to wait and see
I've been on many different meds, including Paxil, Effexor, Celexa, Cipralex, and Zoloft. Out of all those, I stayed on Paxil and Effexor during different periods of my life (I have to say Paxil was probably the best... although it also resulted in significant weight gain for me). Celexa was the worst. Cipralex was a pretty darn near close second. Zoloft was probably the best antidepressant (i.e., I felt the "happiest" on it), but I couldn't stay on it because it made me so "out of it" that at one point I nearly got hit by some cars.

Currently, I am on Cymbalta 60mg. Started this med about 5 weeks ago, and have been on the 60mg dose for 3 weeks now. Although this med leaves much to be desired for me, I've made what I consider to be significant progress - I no longer feel like an active threat to myself, I get up much earlier, have much more energy and motivation to do things, and my general outlook isn't quite as bleak anymore.

I think generally speaking, meds are never a complete cure, but can definitely be a huge help when you're having a hard time moving forward otherwise. Yes, there are side effects and risks as with pretty much all drugs and things in life... but honestly, if you're severely depressed and unable to lift yourself out of that depression no matter what help you receive, then I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The right med can help you get your life back on track.

morning rush

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I take celexa, effexor, risperdal, seroquel and rivotril....when I went to the hospital (because I was suicidal) the two psychiatrists I saw told me I was over medicated for a simple depression and anxiety disorder...

I can barely focus anymore...or think or remember for a long time...all I want to do is nothing and sleep...the meds have gotten me worse...so I removed risperdal, reduced effexor and seroquel....since I reduced effexor, nothing has changed so...

I'm just very discouraged by meds, and not sure what to do...everytime I go to my psychiatrist he keeps giving me another med...last time he added remeron and that med made me feel empty...so empty like I'm not there at all


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You are being completely overmedicated if it is just depression and anxiety.

I'd think about getting a new pshychiatrist to take a fresh look at your case.


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Been on Citalopram and Sertraline. Citalopram actually did make me a little better after 2 weeks but then I crashed worse than ever. It also gave me REALLY bad anxiety like I was so jumpy and jittery I'd jump out of my skin at the slightest noise.

Sertaline I was on for a month and well it did nothing during that month.
Never been on meds until quite late in life - and recently went on Cipralex, or escitalopram, 5mg, then 10mg then 20mg.

Like Kazine above, I felt a bit better 'ish' after 2 weeks of 10mg Cipralex, but very subtle and now I think its maybe just messing with my sleep too much, don't feel jumpy or jittery but I don't really feel that way anyhow so would be not amused if I did.

After almost a month of 20mg - I'm not really endeared to it. Felt better just depressed if you know what I mean - depression has its good days, medication, so far I'd say I was expecting a lot more. That said, maybe 30mg or 40mg might be worth a try now I've come this far?

I think the being awake all night 'thing' puts me off. Look at the bloody time now!

I actually got a pain killer, Tramadol, which had a kind of instant SSRI effect, made me feel a bit 'cheerful' in a subtle manner. It kept me up all night also so that was that and its now there for emergencies, as its a damn fine painkiller in the case of severe toothache.

Not sure what med I will take next.

Maybe I will have to reduce the dose of this first - or do they just throw you on another med right away?


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None of them have really helped me. And the most recent ones I've taken all but make me even more tired, moody, and not feeling like doing anything.

Maybe the ideal anti-depressant will make me feel better, but I've not found one yet. Plus I have no insurance.


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I answered "other" because I tried so many different meds over many years and all they did was minimize the crying, but did nothing for the death wish. But I finally discovered Seroquel about a year ago and it has worked miracles compared to all the others.


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None of them have really helped me. And the most recent ones I've taken all but make me even more tired, moody, and not feeling like doing anything.

Maybe the ideal anti-depressant will make me feel better, but I've not found one yet. Plus I have no insurance.
Maybe you could get onto some form of insurance assistance with your county or area (state, if in the US)?


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ive been on many meds and many doses like: escitalopram 10mg, 20mg, sertra (forgot the doses...but at least 3..) something else and now cymbalta started on 30mg and now im on 60mg...overall none have really helped...the escitalopram helped for a while but then i just got worse and it stopped helping, the sertra made me suicidal and the cymbalta hasnt done anything...in fact lately ive been worse...crying lots and suicidal and everything...overall i dont believe meds helped...or i just havent found the right one yet...
as well as meds ive also had "therapy" all sorts...groups, counsellors, docs, psychs...nearly everything! although i havent been hospitalized yet...im too scared too...

but idk... ithink ill say no...they havent really helped...even with other 'therapies'...
On 50mg sertraline right now (dose is going to be increased, don't know how much though). Was also on fluoxetine (60mg) for 12 months. I've been on the sertraline for just over 3 weeks now. Neither have made any noticeable improvement to my mood. I got some pretty awful side effects whilst on fluoxetine, but haven't gotten any so far from sertraline (unless my recent increased general anxiety is to do with that). I'm pretty doubtful that meds are ever going to help me in any way, but I suppose I'll try anything once.
I was taking meds when I was fourteen. They gave me mood stabilizers to treat bipolar disorder, mostly because my family has a history of it. A few months later I ended up in a mental hospital and a whole new doctor told me that I was wrongly diagnosed. I never noticed anything good about the meds I was on. they made me tired all the time. That's about it. But I guess it could have been different if I had taken anti-depressants.

Mr Stewart

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I haven't voted on the poll yet because I'm not sure. I have taken two SSRI's so far: sertraline for six weeks (two weeks 50mg, four weeks 100mg), then switched over to escitalopram (10mg) for four weeks now.

Sertraline was helpful for anxiety but ineffective for depression. It made me irritable, agitated, angry. It caused me to relapse on an old self harming habit I thought I had kicked for good years ago.

Escitalopram has been easier to function on, although I don't know that it is doing a great deal of anything at all. The only clear indication I have that I am taking a drug is the constant vivid dreams every night. No other side effects. I suspect I need to have my dosage increased before I'll know if this drug is in any way helpful for me.

Next time I go in to the doctor's I'll ask about an additional dedicated anxiety med. Something to take as needed when all I want to do is scratch up my arms. :/
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