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    Really fucking pissed right now, which sucks because I actually woke up today feeling good and having an optimistic (by my standards) view of the day today. It was going great and all up until the bill for a standard doctor visit I had a week or two ago came in the mail today.

    I haven't gotten my health plan from my work yet, since it'll take some time to go through, but I needed to have a checkup for other reasons. So I went into the doctors office, where I was for less than an hour. In that time, all we did was go over my medical history and then the doctor insisted I get a few vaccinations since I'm well overdue for almost everything. I told him about my lack of health coverage, and that I couldn't afford any of the expensive ones, so he picked two that fit that description... or so I thought.

    There was the flu shot which most people get at this time of year, so that was no problem, especially since that one is known to be cheap. The other one was for meningitis, which I thought would be cheap since I specifically told the doctor I couldn't afford anything too expensive at the moment.

    Well, I was completely wrong. Apparently, here in the US, doctors don't give a shit what your interests are, they just want you to shell out as much money as possible to them, because this simple shot I was under the impression of it being cheap ended up running me $150. Best part is they even charged another $50 on top of it for the two seconds of shoving the needles in my arm and injecting it. Total cost of the doctor's visit: $437. Best part is I even asked to reconfirm that the shots wouldn't be too expensive... guess our points of views were different since I clearly don't make a doctor's salary.

    I'm done with the doctors, I don't care if I get health coverage now or not. Which is quite sad, because I was going to go back in (before I got this bill of course) and see if I couldn't get prescribed some anti-depressants of some sort. Now I'm pretty sure if I did that, I'd end up walking away with an even larger bill, with the added bonus of a prescription cost tossed on top, which would most definitely eat up any health plan I'll be getting soon, and then some expenses out of my pocket.

    So yeah... what seemed like a good day to me, ruined because of the fucking terrible health care system of the US, and doctors that don't listen to their patients and do whatever is in the best interest of themselves.
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    sorry your doctor di dnot listen hun next time have a cost upfront given to you okay before getting anything else. hugs to you
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    Whoa.... Oh man that's rough. Sorry you were mis-lead. :( Yeah I agree with eclipse, next time ask for a final amount upfront before you commit.
    hope you feel better atleast