Hate it Hate it x1000

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  1. Xenos

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    You've heard me say it before... I hate living in this house!! There's the mom who treats you like crap because she doesn't get a kiss and a hug daily... and a dad who'll just leave you to dust without saying a word! I wish I was born years earlier, so I could leave with my brother!!

    Freak, if you wanna move out that badly mom, why don't you go do so NOW?! It saves both of us a lot of emotional pain, arguments, suffering..! You never were nice to me for even one day 'cause you didn't get your daily dose of affection! I can never get a casual talk out of you 'cause you're so sad you hate my guts now, the very child you detest and abhor!

    Why do I act this way? I wanna grow up. I saw what you did to my brother. He's barely surviving now, because of you. And you say he 'betrayed' you because he did bad things behind your back? Who was the one who started this mess? Who was the one who didn't teach him essential life skills to use in the real world? Who was the one from the very beginning treated him badly because he was being a 'bad boy' when this whole time he was trying to make you proud? So now all that has happened, I get treated even worse 'cause I'll be just like my brother. You won't help me learn from the mistakes; I have to learn it myself... with the burden that you keep calling me a "loser" and a "betrayer" . Why can't you just move away now? You're ruining my life! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Hate this crap Hate this crap Hate this crap Hate this crap Hate this crap Hate this crap Hate this crap Hate this crap Hate this crap! >.< :mad::mad: :cry: I need someone to talk to... :cry:
  2. Sadeyes

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    It is so difficult to ignore what ppl call you, but know these are their problems and they are the ones who lack compassion and wisdom...big hugs, J
  3. Xenos

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    Except I'm stuck living in the same house with them... those people without the compassion and wisdom! I can never feel loved from my parents at all!! Neither can I find support from my friends nor anyone else because they don't have empathy nor sympathy for me, so I don't even bother telling them! They don't understand the feeling of being rejected by their own parents, and having to live with that for another few years whether they like it or not. Best of all, if they need support they do have friends they've known for years that they can cry on their shoulder whenever needed. I DON'T! I have to learn to be one of those silent, strong, sometimes emotion nulling people... to ease the pain. I hate it when my heart is crying out for love... I end up crying and losing my sanity, and people still tell me to drag whatever hope I have in myself and keep going... The more I keep going, the more I'm on the verge of giving up. :cry: :cry:

    Sorry, I'm not purposely shouting back at you sadeyes... I just had a 2nd bad day now, those kinds where I break into tears when I get home...