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hate it..

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yerh here i am, tryin the best i can, tryin to live my life.. whats the result? i just HATE it.. i HATE everything.. I JUST HATE ME N MY GODDAMN FUCKED UP LIFE!!! i dont want to hate it, i try to focus on the good things in my life but then everyone just comes to me and tells me about the FUCKING BAD THINGS IN MY LIFE!! i just need a break.. from school, from me n fromm my goddamn life... but its impossible, i have to go to school, have to go on holidays with my parents, n nobody just lets me live my life THE WAY I WANT IT!

sorry for bothering you to those who read it.. if theres anyone wholl read it..


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yea i know it's hard but listen it's our life. Do like i do i never liked going to my dad's for x-mas since it was a judge-fest

-you took alot of weight this year
-not married yet

blah blah blah. well earlyer this year i said f-off to my dad and never spoke to him since then.

i told him, "you dont like my wife, you dont like my kids ... f-you then i dont need you or your stinking pile of money"

I took my wife and kids and moved as far away from him and his monetary/political influence as i could.

is life better? no i still want to die but at least i dont have to listen to his sicko babble.

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relationship are simply not worth it. Have friends, have fun, have sex with strangers and enjoy life.

never let your self be trapped in a relationship.
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thank whomever you want for the fact you are still single, at least now you can do whatever you want <Mod Edit: Abacus21 - encouraging>.

I cant even do that, it's one thing to kill your self when your single but another to do it when you have 2 kids and 1 wife taht depend on you to survive. i that point theres not much more you can do.

So think long and hard about what you want out of life. <Mod Edit: Abacus21 - encouraging>
I wish everyday that i should have killed my self when i still had the chance now i'm stuck. but you are not you can still do whatever you want to do.

Travel, have fun, <Mod Edit: Abacus21 - inappropriate> ... i envy you so much for that. you still have your freedom ... it was the only thing i had left and now i dont even have that.
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