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Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by tkwu, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. tkwu

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    uugh, i can't get this boy off of my mind and i can't even get my work done. i can't love without loving obsessively and i lose faith in somoene as soon as i'm not in their presence. i need to grow up but i feel like deep down my past relationships have taught me nothing, like all that horrible hellish emotional pain was for nothing.. so angry with myself
  2. total eclipse

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    Try not to be so harsh with yourself okay. It takes time to heal from within Hating oneself i know all to well but it doesn't help you at all Try being kinder to yourself okay
  3. cloud9

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    Hey tkwu,

    I know what it feels like being unable to take your mind off someone. Its been affecting my school work too. Its perfectly natural. You and I aren't the only ones in this boat. Don't be hard on yourself about loving obsessively. Feelings toward people aren't exactly in our control. You fall for whoever you happen to fall for and the degree to which you're into them can change from one person to the next. I wish I had a solution for you to get your mind off them. Truth is I'm pretty terrible at it myself.
  4. tkwu

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    being in love only makes me unhappier, it makes me hysterical
  5. tkwu

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    if i can't force him to love me back and i can't force myself to calm down about it, i just don't know what to do

    i'm sure you guys have been here
  6. foreverYoung180

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    ive been there recently..and love is blind. i learned mine was more infatuation with this guy. i loved the idea of him, but not actually him. of course..its still very complicated, wish i could give u some advice, but i really have no clue myself. its just complicated...try taking a break from talking to him/hanging out with him, etc.. that helped me to see we were not right for each other, and he did not reciprocate any feelings of interest. so its whatever.. we are still kind of friends which makes it difficult sometimes, but gradually im getting over my initial feelings. but i think its definitely normal to obsess over a guy lol.