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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Oceans, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. Oceans

    Oceans Well-Known Member

    today i am really angry and i can't take anymore. i'm sure people always say that and it passes and mine probably will, but at the moment, the pain tolerance is really up.

    people always have other motives than the one on face value. i'm becoming cynical in the world we live in and if i continue i will dispise it and if that happens then i have first hand experience on why i hate people.

    we people they can hurt us but they can also nurture us. when all you experience is hurt than you are presented with an option believing this because it feels so true. The repetitive espisode of being hurt continues to re-affirm the notion that this world is uncaring and the people in it.

    Yet, if we have a group of friends or families who are supportive than the blows of everyone else makes no differences. Your families and friends says that you are ok person and no matter what others say or do, you are still the person they love.

    when there is no one, we have to look after ourselves in every possible way and some times we fall very short of this.
  2. patacake

    patacake Well-Known Member

    hi hunni

    some ppl are genuine hun , try to look the positive influences in ur life out , pay less attention to those who u feel cynical about , but dont give up altogether hun
    there are plenty of good souls out there wanting to help for real

    me for one if u need to talk give me a shout , pm or msn trouble.jo@hotmail.co.uk

    take care :hug:

    jo x
  3. yumeichun

    yumeichun New Member

    I hate people too, most of them are mean and selfish.
  4. betweenthellines

    betweenthellines New Member

    hell is not 'fire and brimstone, nether is it damnation or guilt' hell is other people' a quote from Satre's no exit..
  5. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Heaven and Hell are here on earth.
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