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hate summer!

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and i've plenty of reasons to hate the dam season of summer..

i'm alergic to bees/ wasps, if they sting me i sweel up and have to go to hospital (and i nearly got stung yesterday too!). it also plays tricks with the voices inside my head.. because i can hear bees and stuff and they arn't even there- what the hell is wrong with that!

2. i hate the heat, because a lot of the time it gets too dam hot and sticky... sometimes i'm not sure what's best!. i often feel i can't go out because of the insects, but i can't stay in- for the exact same reason!

3. hate pollen- it gives me hay fether and that totally sucks!

can't summer just gooo

i know it's only started a few days ago- but sheesh. all ready i'm on a turn for the worst..


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I like winter because I can rug up and my hands go blue and numb when I take a walk. The air gets dry and 'clean'. The sky's really blue, not a cloud in sight.

But in summer it's hot and annoying....the sky is usually full of clouds and rains a shitload. Winter is a lot less crazy.
I hate summer too,here are the reasons why.

I am fat.
It's when dickheads get overexcited during the day and bored in the evening.
Wasps and barbecues (especially if ciders involved)
Pub fights and surrounding street demolition.
Walking past two or three double decker buses stopped at a red light.
Ninja sunburn.
Teh blinding reflective light of the sun bouncing back off my fellow sunbathing caucasians and right into my eyes.
Empty ice cream freezer sections in the supermarket.
The sun.

am I alive

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I hate winter the most, its like every winter here in Europe is getting colder and colder and thanks god on the sun that finally showed up. I don't know, but I've spent most of the winter in my room, I just can't stand cold. At summer I can get away from home at least and walking down the street. Well, I am lonely person so its also depressing time while seeing other ppl going out at nights and having fun while I'm sitting alone in my room:sigh:


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Well, I am lonely person so its also depressing time while seeing other ppl going out at nights and having fun while I'm sitting alone in my room:sigh:
Me too, totally know where you're coming from.:sad:

^^ That's the main reason I hate summer because it happens more in the summer than other seasons.
Also makes me feel even more guilty because I have to stay in more in the summer, more people out meaning so many more can look down on me, least I can go out when it's zero out and see very few souls out there.
Hate listening to others tell of their great plans, going here and there with their families and whoever, knowing that I have no choice but to remain secluded.
Sigh, wait til it gets here, I'll have dozens more.:mhmm:


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I just hate the heat. You sweat profusely all day. You drink gallons of fluids then your bladder is bursting so you're always sneaking into a McDonalds or Starbucks. By the end of the day your underarms smell like the goat section of a petting zoo...pee- yoo!

Sunset is always a treat because, beautiful as it is, no matter where you are you are attacked by swarms of Mosquitos. On weekends swaggering, drunken rowdies scream and raise hell outside your bedroom window at 3 AM. I can't wait for it all to start again.
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