Hate where I live

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  1. PiecesMended

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    I keep bumping into fuckers I went to school with. I saw a guy from primary school who fucking scares the shit out of me (won't go into details why, last time I tried that on here it was all rambaly and no one replied anyway.) I hate it hate it hate it! Okay just needed to get that out. And no I can't simply move. I'm sixteen and I live in council accomidation anyway. I'll just have to tough it out it's not a big deal anyways.
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    I used to live in the dump of the planet and what I did was take my camera and took shots of why I hated the place...it helped me get through that time and see that I had good reasons...hope things will work out for you and that you can make it the best you can for how long you have to be there, J
  3. PiecesMended

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    Thanks that sounds like a really good idea. I'll try that when I get a chance. I'l be sure to use an old film camera or I'll get mugged though!:tongue: