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    It's a harsh, harsh word. But I hate who I am. Who I've become. What I've done and what I didn't do. I hate my idiotic mind. Not having more time with my One. Having to try and do this alone. Hate knowing there will never be another true love. Hate looking at a future that I feel so unsure about. That I've put myself in a financial hole. Hate knowing I've screwed myself yet again. But it was my plan, I thought however something else would be sorted by now, but it's not. I hate being the family peacemaker and foolishly consider their wants before mine. I hate what some people did to me and what I've done to myself. I hate the selfishness that exists. And mostly I hate being this stupid, stupid and pathetic individual.
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    Just know that people really care about you and do not consider you any of what you have written
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    I think you'd b surprised.