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y do i hate everything? i dont want to...but i keep on hating...i cant keep friends for verry long because of it...i just start hating them for no reason...i feel it happining again....i want to stop it...i cant lose these friends...but i cant hold back...God kill me now...please...please...just kill me....


You hate because you have no control over whats happening to you i think. Remember to lose control every once in a while and to realize that hey "i am not perfect".Your friends may find it tough but i am sure they understand and they will be there for you when you need them.


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That must be scary.

im not very good at keeping friends right now [for different reasons perhaps] but it upsets me too so i think i can relate to some degree at least.

This sounds like a really hard timg and a hard itme overall for you.......i hope things will start to get better soon.

Please hang on in there.
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