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    I am so fucking depressed, right now... I hate this stupid, censoring forum. I hate this horrible existence and all it means. I hate humanity. I hate my worthless human body with countless aesthetical faults (and I should be considered "lucky"). I hate having to keep up with all its stupid needs. I hate having to breathe, even. I hate having to write this. I hate seeing the screen with the text.

    I am never going to be happy. My shares are not going well, either, so not even my economical future will be secured. Not that money makes one happy (not me, anyway), but it sure helps. Fucking shit life. I hate this! Hate hate hate!!!
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    Well, shortly after writing that, I found out that I cannot ever again eat my favourite candy; liquorice pipes. I noticed fingerprints on a bending area... it was the same on all of them. They've been my favourite candy since I was a child. Truthfully, though, I cannot eat anything, if the fact that something has been touched is a reason for not eating it, but when I see those fingerprints... there's just no way I can eat them, then. They don't always have fingerprints, though... I bet someone didn't want to put gloves on. But I have to take precautions, and never eat them again, anyway... how depressing... they used to cheer me up, a bit. Now I can only eat normal, boring liquorice.

    Feeling really bad, otherwise, as well... I hate having to live this shit life... and it won't get better. There's no way it will get better... not even when I move to my apartment... I won't have to smell the meat that my father cooks, and won't have to participate in stupid arguments, and won't have my mother or father come and force me up, if I sleep for really long, and I can be drunk at absolutely any time... other than that, though... nothing will get better. It will be just as boring to play games on my Wii or Nintendo DS, that would've been shockingly good, eight years ago or so, it will be just as boring to listen to music... romantic manga will be just as hard to enjoy... I bet I don't even like romantic bishôjo games, anymore. What will I do in that apartment, day in and day out? What the hell will I do. Aside from that I will have a working computer, then, I guess I will do the same as I do now. Day after day...
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    Now a stupid, goddamned bird is making sounds inside the wall... ghh... god that is annoying and frustrating. That's one other, bad thing I won't experience in my apartment, though. -_-

    If only it could die.... -_-;
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    Well, actually, it is far more likely that the bird was just eating seeds and such from the rain gutter, than it being inside the wall... just had to correct that...