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  1. Elle.

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    i hate it here so bad i wanna get the fuck outa this place and outa my family i wana be fuckin independant I HAT EDEPENDING ON MY MOTHER I HATE IT !!!!!!! JUST LEAV EME ALONE FFS I HAVE FRIENDS WHO COUNT ON ME AND THINK I BLOW THEM OFF CUZ IM A BITCH BUT IN FACT IT YOU STANDING IN HT EWAY OF FUCKIN EVERYTHING I DO GO AWAY
  2. Ptitz

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    just.... go. its not that hard really. get a friend or two who want to share a place(or look up some housing on internet), find one, get a job, voila, noone is bugging you! takes a few weeks at most.
  3. Stranger1

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    How old are you?? If your at least sixteen and have a job you can become immancepated and move out..You only have to show that you can support yourself..