Hatred Depression

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    I'm a mad person.

    I've noticed that I get mad at everything. And when I get mad I curse at everything and anything.

    It's impossible for me to have any confidence because of anxiety. It's like everyday is pointless.

    I may have lost the point, but I thought the only reason people live is to be happy. How long can someone be misserable before something really bad happens? I really don't get it.

    I don't see myself ever being happy, ever again. It's like I don't quit because I don't see the point in quitting, but I also don't see a point in moving forward when nothing changes, so I just do shit to do shit. Nothing makes sense to me.

    It's completely pathetic, this whole life is just a joke. I don't see a future, I really don't. I have to pay someone so I can talk to them, am I the only person who see's how pathetic that is?

    There's just no point. The feeling of worthlessness will never leave. How am I supposed to have a realationship with anybody, when I fucking hate myself and everything around me? I would just rather be alone.