Haunting Dreams

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    Lately I've been having a lot of bad dreams. Some emotionally overwhelming while others terrifying. Sometimes I get mixed up between what is real and what is only a dream. I could be dreaming that I got beaten half to death for standing up for myself. The next I'm dreaming about the death of a population. Others I will dream about things very haunting. And then there are dreams of just my death and the odd suicide. It's driving me crazy. I feel emotionally messed up.
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    Dreams are an odd thing. Some say that they are a way for your mind to process the events of the past day, week into something a little more comprehensible for you to understand, while others say that dreams are a way for you to sort out your emotional life and make you find answers to particular difficult choices you are facing.
    Whatever they mean, I would suggest that you not pay too much mind to them the next day, especially the most disturbing and simply treat them for what they are: dreams.

    I have had a dream about wandering through the bush at night in medieval England, looking for a little girl while being chased by a horde of zombies; of saving the planet Earth from an alien invasion by building a wall around the planet WITH McDonald Happy Meal boxes (it seemed a great and foolproof idea in the dream); of standing in the back of a ute speeding down the motorway at night, fighting off vampires, zombies and warewolves with a baseball bat as they jumped at me from behind each passing billboard; of being aboard the ISS and asking a wolf if I could unscrew it arm (I did in the end and then had to flush the wolf out of the airlock after it turned to attack me); of shooting myself in the head and have the World turn all Michael J. Fox ala 'The Frighteners on me... to say a few. ^^