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  1. meawesome

    meawesome Member

    Lost Are The Days Of Happiness,
    Right Now My Life Is A Mess,

    Everyday Is Like A Test,
    Nights Are Restless,

    Eyes Are Covered With Tears,
    Have Come True All My Fears,

    Your Face Is Hovering In My Mind ,
    My Feelings For You I Can No Longer Hide,

    But Gone Are You,
    And So Is My Life,

    You Haunt Me Like A Ghost,
    You Are The One Whom I Fear The Most,

    My Heart Is Taken Away,
    Now I Have To Find My Own Path My Own Way,

    I Was So Careless,
    I Wish I Had Cared Less,

    I Cant Find The Words To Express My Pain,
    Everything I Gave You Was All Gone In Vain,

    Our Love Didnt Last Forever,
    yOU And I Were Not Meant To Be Together,

    Why You Came Into My Life,
    Wish I Could Cut All Connections With A Knife,

    Why I Was So Insane To Let You In My Heart,
    Even Though You Didnt Deserved Any Of That Part,

    Person Dies,Memories Lives Forever,
    They Haunt Us Forever
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hugs to you hun You can find a new pathe you can hun and i hope that path will take some of the pain and sadness away hugs
  3. Wysteria Blue

    Wysteria Blue Well-Known Member


    This is so poignant and so real I can touch your feelings. Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope you find some peace soon..WB
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