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okay i have a question and not sure how to ask it or where to ask it at?

I currently work with the local police department and am on their Alumini Association that helps with fundraisers. So far i have been with them for close to 1 year now. The Alumini Association does the fundraising and all for the things the local police department needs and all. WEell so far as long as i have been with them they have not yet done anything so i emailed the president with a huge bunch of ideas like doing car washes, having a haunted house or haunted hayride, christmas plays and gave him ideas on to let the people from the universaty do the acting, and to have these things at the local fairgrounds because it is has to be in the city and the fairgrounds is part of the county right? so far nothing has happened, so my question is how do i get this thing off the ground so to speak? the president told me that we all have to vote on it and all. we have a meeting coming up on this monday evening. so any pointers that anyone might have or any ideas please either pm me here or post out in the forum. right now they ( the local police department ) currently needs help with their k-9s like food for the dogs, etc so if you have any ideas please respond and let me know. I really want to see this thing/association get started on helping the police department. right now we are like the hidden cult of the police department lol... so if you have any ideas to maybe help me to get this going please respond! I got to get in bed but will check tomorrow night and see if anyone has replied with any ideas! thanks.



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Propose one simple, small idea that you can manage all the logistics pretty much on your own. Have a detailed idea before hand on much time and resource you will need to make it happen. What you have to demonstrate is that your idea is workable in real life and that it will bring more benefits than it will cost to get it done. Then see if you will find people who can commit the hours necessary. Even something as simple as a bottle drive can take more time than one would imagine. When resources are already overstretched, people are reluctant to commit to more stuff. If you are new to the organization, unless you are really well known in the community, be prepared to do the lion share of the work, most of the leg work, most of the time commitment, most of the phone calls etc...
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