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I'm not suprised tbh, I think that it could be due to a peoples' roles being less defined and the choices presented to us can be overwhelming (hence the depression and anxiety side of things). In poorer parts of the world, people often know what they will do when they're older etc so their choices are limited. Also, they may not know that their lives could be any different due to lack of information (TV, internet etc). I don't know, these are just my ideas.


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And I think the problem is a lot bigger than just those who are suffering. There seems to be, at least in the US, the idea that government should have nothing to do with helping people get on their feet. Those who have never experienced severe depression have no reason to lend a hand. So you have 40 million people with severe mental problems and 260 million people who have to live with that burden in their society. The answer is not suicide; it's educating 300 million people that we are not alone and that it is a gift to ourselves to give a gift to others.
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