Have a shot gun pointed at my head now

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Because you can get better, life can be good. You just have to work at it. Life can be a great gift if you learn how to work it. I am sorry you are feeling so bad to want to kill yourself, I understand the feeling, but we can't give up....it'll get better.

Please don't make a permanment desision for a temparay problem.

Please hang in there hun. :hug: :hug:



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ONE reason....when you pull the trigger, you will not have any story left to write. THE END.

TWO reasons....you could survive and be worse off.

I will be praying you not do it. Send me a PM instead, I'll listen!

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Whats good reason do I have live? No one honestly cares im just a pathetic loser. I cant live if I get shot with this gun, my head will be gone. Im gonna do it and no one cares. No body will miss me. Life is horrible then you rot. what a horrible existence.


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It will only get better if you let it, you need to believe it can, and do something towards it. Goodluck and please, please take care x


You don't know what the future holds for you. You shouldn't assume it will only ever get worse. For all you know, it will improve. In fact considering the fact that you're at a very low point right now, chances are that it will only get better.

Don't pull that trigger. Please. Take care of yourself. You are worth more than you think.
Hi there,

You never know what the future holds, as said before considering your at a very low point right now, the chances of things improving are pretty high. If you do this you will never know what your life could of been like, you could live a happy life but you need to give it the chance to improve, it needs time to get better, you have to believe it will get better and if you truely believe it will, it will happen. You have to believe to make great things happen.

No one should have to feel this low to take their own life, life is a precious thing and we have one chance at it, make that gift worth while. Don't do this life can and will get better but you HAVE to give it the chance, if you do this your not allowing that chance.

I feel apart of you wants help and wants to change their life around, you've reached out for help here, you made a thread, to me thats asking for help, and thats one small step in the right direction.

Life knocks us down time after time, its unfair. But you need to learn how to pick yourself back up again, i know its hard, its hard for everyone, but when life knocks us down we have to rebuild ourselfs and our lifes higher than we was before we was knocked down.

Imagine life as a mountain, the top is a happy life, a life we all desire, our goal is to reach the top of the mountain. We start climbing the mountain, imagine life knocking us down as an avalanche, the avalanche knocks us down, drags us right to the bottom again, once the avalanche has settled we can continue back up the mountain and get higher up than we did before we got knocked down, how many 'avalanches' life throws at us we'll never know, but only so many can happen, all of our goals are to reach the top of the 'mountain' do give yourself the chance to do that.

Please take care of yourself

Vikki x
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