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Have been led down a line

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by nyself and how I percieve others see me,not sure its all true,indpedantly Ihave moments o clarity,,,,,What I know is that in my overdosing sste Ihave mt 15 year old daughter in bed in our house and my abusive husband who sees no reason or me to stop..he is in bed and out of way cause he has verbak removed al confidendce i hd to keep my girls going,,,,

Ive opened a very nice bottle of red wine xxxxxxxxxxx what it will acchieve im not sure but hopingfor lots
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clouds don't do it...
there are other options...

please call for help asap..

It's so wrong that he's abusing you but he's not worth taking your life over..
you are worth more than that

my daughter has just got out of an abusive relationship ..it can be done!

what will happen to your daughter if she's left without her mother and stuck with an abusive father?


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YOu need to take you and your daughter to a safe place women shelter where you will get the skillls you need to survive for both you and your daughter
Make the call now okay call the shelter and start a new life hugs:hugtackles:


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Please get help. Throw up or call emergency services and use this as a wakeup call.
You cannot leave your daughter with an abusive man, please.

You have low self esteem perhaps, colouring your self image and the abusive husband will be making it worse.


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Don't feel guilty because you tried to give this man a chance.

Many woman - meet a man - fall for him - think they can mend his flaws.

If women never done this - most men would give up and die.

The hand that rocks the cradle!

As for abusive men - I think if man says a bad word - that's enough really - to think about dumping him.

Worse comes to worse - you can get emergency shelter - and likely a council house or flat for you and your daughter.

DON'T leave your beautiful daughter in the hands of this creep.

And don't think less of yourself for feeling this way.

Hope you just went to sleep on your mixture of meds and booze.

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