have had enough :cry:

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  1. forever_scarred

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    ive been attacked on another website called Depression Tribe...i had known this woman for almost 2 years....she started accusing me of being someone else and talking about her behind her back....i dont do to anyone ever, and she knows that...kept saying how i think its funny that shes hurting and i dont...i care about her...but wat she said was like a slap in the face....over and over again....she asked me to leave her alone so i did but she kept coming back...pm after pm yelling at me for things i never did....blaming me for her son running away......i always protected her from others nasty comments...and stayed in with cuz i cared about her but now....were no longer friends...not after that....I didnt need this tonite had had a bad day but would have pushed all that aside for her.....now all i have is pieces of a shattered heart :cry2:
  2. Anni

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    i dont know what to say to that, some people can be so cruel
    hope ur doing ok
  3. stuckinchicago6

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    Calm down... Things can be alot worse.. at least the fight was online and not in real life. You know this woman only online, I assume.... Friends and family I have known my whole life have hurt me recently. That is a pain and rejection in my heart that will take a while to fade away.
  4. stuckinchicago6

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    also, don't take her reaction personally. she is probably really hurting.. when she feels better, you can both probably be friends again. HUGS!
  5. total eclipse

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    I hope you can stay here and find new friends She is hurting bad but no excuse to attack you. I thing staying off that forum for awhile is good block her pm or tell who ever runs the forum what is happening so they can stop her abuse of you. Stay here okay until she calms down at least. If you do go back change you user name so she doesn't harass you. I know it hurts but know she is in a bad place and is striking out at anyone and anything right now. take care and stay away for awhileokay. take care.