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Have hung on too long

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I have been to several psych hospitals for trauma-eating- and other addictions. I have traveled all over the USA to hospitals!!! Fear of everything has come back and need out. I have a proffessional job and only a hand full of people know where I am in all this ugliness. I have been going to therapy for 4 years 2 time a week. I read on here how therapy is a waste of their time. I am not sure???
I am out of control but fool myself that I have choices.
Not sure wjere my path will end.
Cutting-starving-burning-addictions seem to be the way I am leaning.
I think that some people are happier with therapy than others.

also, some therapists are really bad and some are really good. some problems may be more accessible to therapy than others.

I often recommend acupuncture to people.

you may want to also post on the eating disorders and addictions forums

I hope that you are able to get better soon!


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I truly do not think therapy is a waste of time, and is dependent upon how much one discloses and to whom...I have been in treatment for many years and it surely has changed the quality of my life...J


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I know how hard it is hiding it from others. It's knackering!

I think for therapy to work you need to be totally honest with the therapist and feel as though you have a bond with them. I think this is really important. I've seen loads of people before and the ones who I don't like don't get anything from me.

Have you had other therapists before? Have you got anything to compare them to?



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Yes I have had many therapists.
I am also a alcoholic/drug addict, Self harmer, trauma survivor, flaash backs, disocasiciation all the time-I loose a lot of time.
Feel guilty over stuff I don't do.
Bad OCD...
Bad eating disorder.....
I am suppose to be a leader in a helping field and feel like a fraud.
Sometimes I just want out!
My therapist now is good with the trauma and eating,
I can't keep this up.
I am not ok.

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I am sorry you are in that terrible place of having to fight yet feel no relief
Therapy does help but will come with its ups and downs It is the coping skills you learn that will get u through okay. You have been here before right and your fought and you won. Just know you can do this okay Tell that mind of your you will fight and win again Please let your doc know how you are feeling maybe time to change meds a bit hugs
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