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Have i lost it? help..

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Seeing things that arent there..i know because my door was locked and well she disappeared after a while, hear things too quite often but just pretend i dont. Used to see things when i was much younger that talked to me..parents said i was making it up/overactive imagination well i dunno..whats the difference it quite obviously wasnt there but i didnt know that. Anyway, so last night, this woman wanted to hurt me or me to hurt myself..she didnt talk directly but i came very close to doing what she wanted. Ok i sound insane. Am i cracking up? How do i get them to go away? Was told just to remember it isnt real but you know if somethings standing in front of me talking to me who's to say that isnt real? What is real?
I dont know how to help you blue :sad:
You probaly need some meds for it
I'm not sure but I think therandommike has this too
Maybe you should ask him what to do.


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I sometimes imagine things in the dark, like standing directly in front of me, not as bad as what you've described but i found the best way was to just swallow all my fear, realise that the worst that could happen is that it could kill me and i don't fear that anyway, and walk straight through it, you know it's not there then... thinking about how unlikely it is to be real also makes the first step a bit easier. And for noises, maybe listen to a song you like? You might want to look at getting some real help for this though, it does sound like you need it and will deffinately get what you need.
first of all you dont need to be put on any type of meds just because you may be seeing something. What if what you are seeing IS really there. I dont think you are crazy. I dont know what this may be, but I know you dont need to be put on meds. That is NOT the answer. Some people are blinded by whats in front of them, some in denial. . .others share. Youre OK.
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