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Have to get out

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I can't stand all the pain anymore, it'll never heal and I'll just end up hurting more and more people. I wish I could just flip and be the bad guy for once, but I know I wouldn't be able to control myself and I'd do terrible things that I couldn't live with. FFS I thought these thoughts had gone away :cry: I don't wanna hurt people so why does my head tell me to do it? I think people are laughing at me behind my back and I have to shut them up. AARRGH GET OUT OF MY HEAD :bash: See I'm not a nice guy, it's better for everyone if I die, then at least no one else will get hurt. I wish someone would kill me, I'm too chicken to do it myself.
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First of all this is a pro-life site. Everyone here is willing to help. No one is going to kill you, that would be bad and a homicide. Why do you think more people will be hurt? Talk to me.
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