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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Petal, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Petal

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    I started smoking at a very young age , about 13-14(I'm 24 now) and I have quite an addictive personality so I am needing help in quitting-just some support even-. I smoke a lot, its hard to give a guess 'cos it is different everyday, depends on how anxious I am, how bored I am, the feeling of needing to have a cigarette in my hand, its really just a comfort thing for me. But whenever I look up quitting cigs, it always makes me feel bad , as they say it's more addictive than powerful substances. Fact remains though, at 9.30 for 20 cigs, I simply cannot afford this habit anymore (don't think I ever really could), but I was thinking I could go on a 5 star holiday instead of wasting all this money on cigarettes. I need some advice for someone who has quit, I did manage to quit for 3 full weeks before but I just got too stressed. Wish I had never put a damn cig in my mouth ever. Any advice much appreciated :) Another reason I must quit is I have asthma, and every night laying down in bed, I'm wheezing like hell, so it is affecting my health now too.
  2. Theodora

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    Since end Oct '12 I have been "not smoking ATM ". Discovered a year before that can cope without nicotine but desperate to occupy hands. In past a dummy, in private of course, has helped me cut down. I'm using a very cheap e-cigarette. Have been made aware of the distraction smoking provides in all sorts of ways. The ways smoking itself or making sure I had cigs filled in time or gave me time to think or enabled me not to think. I've been smoking so much for so long doubt if there'll be any health benefits. Though have stopped coughing.
  3. jimk

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    Lynn, couple of hugs.. Have fought this battle for 48 yrs now.. Is hardest also.. Go without for a bit and end up chaining again just to maintain..diversion is the keeper.. Something else to do rather t Han lighting up again.. Just about anything else..

    Maybe make a written list of other easy things to do.. Quitnet.com is full of good ppl in all stages of this war..also got chat rooms occupied with others trying their hearts out to just not smoke.. Maybe start a public diary here during the quitting process. Or a thread here in the substance abuse forum.. That might be better cause ppl can them try to verbally help you..

    Best wishes with this Lynn...
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