have you ever dreamt of someone to find out they've dreamt of you as well?

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  1. The Scream

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    it's weird o_O

    i almost cheated on my gf with this girl in real life once and the previous night i had dreamt i actually had cheated with her and now she text me she dreamt of me as well...

    must be some kind of super power connecting dreams or something XD

    anyone else ever had this?
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    Ive dreamt about my boyfriend before, and he has dreamt about me so, yeah. I mean if you constantly think about someone, then it stands to reason that they will be in some of your dreams. I just wish I could pull him out of my dreams so that I could be here with him, in my waking life.
  4. darcy1

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    one day i was in the hardware store in the rope isle. i was looking to get rope with the proper weight bearing ability to... well you know what it was for, i don't need to say it or it will get <method:deleted> by the mods. i spent like a half hour there and was measuring out different thicknesess and kinds that were on spools...how much i would need...pulling it out and stretching it out in the isle.

    about a month later my dad was in the car driving with me and my mom and he said he the night before he was dreaming of himself being in a hardware store and trying to pick out rope. he said in the dream he kept measuring out different lengths and kinds of rope on spools and the dream would end and then go back to the begining again and have the same dream over and over that it went on all night.

    i didn't say anything.

    a couple years before that...

    one day i was sitting with my mom and she told me she had a horrific nightmear the day before that she was about to be beheaded by a guillotine but she was waiting to hear back from the executioner and she was sure there was going to be a not guilty plea and that she would be saved. me and my dad were there in the dream waiting with her. at the end of the dream the guillotine went down but she woke up before it ended.

    that same night as her dream i had a dream that she was driving a car and i was in the back seat viewing it...but not really there...hard to explain. in the dream there was an accident. the car and a black pick up truck were down in the ditch. i woke up. the night after she told me about her dream i had another one where my mom and i were wondering about beside a road into a field and i kept saying that we needed to get to the road that was paralell but also perpendicular to the road we had just left. we wandered and wandered until we came to a bridge. as we climed up the bridge and it turned into an operating table with bandages and tools and surgical stuff. the next night i had a dream of victoria hospital. that was it...just victoria hospital.

    i never told my mom the dreams. and i hate myself for it.

    the next day i was at my apartment and my dad called to say that my mom had been in a car accident. i asked where it happened...and he told me near wonderland and warncliffe roads. (these are the only roads in the whole city that one curves in such a way that at one point they are paralell but eventually meet perpendicularly to each other). he said he was waiting to hear from someone at the scene what hospital she would go to. i said she is at victoria hospital. my dad hung up the phone and waited. they called back and said she was at victoria hospital.

    she was hit by a drunk driver in a black pick up truck. the car and truck ended up in the ditch. she broke both her feemer bones punctured lung, broken arm. but she survived. she has had 8 surgeries now and is on tons of pain meds. her whole future is ruined...because of me.

    if i had said something to her about my dreams...i may have been able to stop the accident from happening. but i kept it to my self.

    i hate myself...for many things in my life but mostly cause i didn't tell her about the dreams. i could have stopped it.

    there is something big going on behind the scenes of what we call reality. what it is i don't know.

    i have many dreams where i tell her about the dream and it stops it from happening and other dreams where i tell her i wish i had told her about it. sometimes i change the outcome of the event and other times i don't.

    makes me wonder just how multidimensional our "reality" is...what time and space really is and if there is any such thing as death and life...maybe just some sort of awareness.

    had a dream where my dead uncle came to me and said my aunt was having problems with her liver and was going to die within 2 weeks. in the dream he and i were sitting on a bench and he flew me away to my aunts apartment and showed her passed out on the floor.

    i told my dad about the dream...he didn't believe me and didn't get in touch with his sis (my aunt)...to patch things up...they were estranged. exactly 2 weeks later i get a call from my mom saying that my aunt's kid called to say she was in the hospital with liver failure and she probebly wouldn't make it through the next day. my dad hopped in the car and drove the 7 hour drive but got there ten minutes after her death.

    i hate having the gift of precognition in dreams. i hate dreaming. but i hate being awake.

    but yes...we share dreaming and waking reality in a way we will never be able to understand in the "reality" we are in right now. reality is not what we think it is....i used to think i understood it...but i don't any more.

    what scares me most is that there could be billions of multiple realities out there existing all at the same 'time'...and that if you commit suicide you just wake up in another reality and don't remember you did commit suicide and just live it over again like an endless time loop.

    when i look around at the world it doesn't seem real to me at all. like i am living in a bad dream that i can't wake up from. then i go to sleep and have bad dreams and wake up to this bad dream again.

    i don't know what reality is but i don't like it.