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Have you ever felt like this world was not meant for you?

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Thats how I've felt for a long time. Like a mistake.

It's so hard to accomplish things that are simple everyday tasks for most people. Ugh its even harder now because I'm so heartbroken.
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jane doe

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please try to hang on the world hasn´t been made for anyone, we must face it the way it is and if you are heartbroken well... here we are to supotr you...here i am. pm me anytime.:)take care.
I dont know if this will be much help but I have to try...
Im going through a lot right now, everything seems to be going wrong and I totally feel like this world isnt meant for me... I'm losing everything I've ever worked for and everyone I love is being taken away from me. I can understand what youre saying, maybe not completely but I feel a lot of the same feelings... if you ever want to talk Im here! Hang in there...


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could it be that instead of the world not being meant for you... it's the world that's not ready for you..

perhaps it only seems that you don't "fit in" because you haven't found your sense of belonging yet?
Yea, Dude. All the time.

I feel horendously misplaced in this World. I've never felt belonging, even amongst my peers. I often feel like I shouldn't have been born in this era, like maybe, I should've been born during...hmm..let's say the time when rock music was taking over the world. What would I give to have been a part of the boom of Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, JIMI FUCKIN' HENDRIX!! With my Guitar. I've always felt that making a landmark in music was something that I was meant to do, but fantasy clouds my judgement, and I end up more disappointed than ever. Those times of musical discovery and birth of one of the most exciting styles of music to ever rock the Earth seem so thrilling, and perhaps I may have suffered a significantly less amount of rejection and hostility than I do now.

My overbearing love for music makes me speak all sorts of crap, I'm sorry if I hijacked your thread with my inane, self-indulging fantasy. I have no advice to aid you in how you're feeling, as I'm in no position to help anyone. Just thought I'd let out some steam.


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I have often thought that I was not meant for this world. But I don't know what I WAS meant for, other than a whipping boy for my selfish demanding kids.

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All the time!! I know some people that have a ball living their life. They are always so excited about something that is going on. Me, I can't figure it out myself. I heard Sylvia Browne, the psychic, say that people that are in their final life here on earth always feel as if they do not belong here. Who knows?


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Yes. There are things I would change. But even if those changes occured- I think it's 'human nature' to look for something to complain about. Maybe it's something trivial like Butterfingers not melting or the eradication of Starbucks Row Homes that line every street.

Even with these changes fulfilled- there will always be SOMETHING to be mad about. So I accept the fact that every city will contain a building that sells glorified steamed milk for three dollars and that everything is the way it is and I cannot (nor would I want to) change anything.
Sometimes I do feel this way. Is it ok to feel it? Yes. It is ok to experience that loenly, foreign feeling? Yes. It is ok to keep on living? Yes.

There are highs, lows, really high highs, and really low lows. Sometimes our world view and our flawed personal perspective bias us toward a positive or negative interpretation. Reality is neutral. It favors no one. Why? Because theres nothing to favor. I, and only I, create my reality. I'm responsible for my emotions, my actions on those emotions, and for my self-care. So are you.

Empowerment really helps defeat feelings of worthlessness. Unfortunately, only you can instill and trust those feelings.


I have felt like the world has not been meant for me since 1996. Hopefully, it will all end soon.


Somehow, reading this thread reminded me about the movie "Donnie Darko" and how I wish an aircraft jet engine would crash down upon me. No more health problems and no more thinking about how to end my life.
I feel this way all the time. I am a very nice kid. Have always been a very caring individual and very well respected my whole life.

But I just never felt like I fit in quite right. I just don't know what it is. I just never felt right. And now I feel detached from myself and it's horrible.

So yea, I can relate. And suicide has crossed my mind here lately. It's scary, but it really has.


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I know this isn't real advice in any way, but I always liked the line from Denis Leary who said "Life sucks. Get a fuckin' helmet". Always made me laugh.
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