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Have you ever told friends or family?

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If you did, how did it go? Did the person you told understand? Did it help or make things worse?

I'm thinking about mentioning it to a family member in case I do go through with it so that someone will know that I've been fighting it and eventually lost. However I don't want to burden them with that, plus they might freak out.
I think if you're comfortable in telling that person then do so, I found it a great help to tell my parents, it was a weight off my mind in many ways.
my friends have been great. they help me figure out when i need to go to the hospital and go with me for moral support. my family is not so great... big denial on their part that i have mental health issues. think carefully about who you tell. what is it you want from them and can they provide it?


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If you trust them enough and not feel shameful to to confide in them, then definitely do. I have mentioned it to some family but they also dont believe it... So that only just annoyed me and upset me. But it also made me stronger somehow


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My family knows... I had to apologize & take blame for everything that happened. I lost "friends" & professors at my college have gossiped about it... I wish no one had found out...
I'll tell anyone who wants to know, I ahve no isseus telling people about me, or my mental health issues. but i knwo most people cant handle them, and the people who can handle taht i have issues, dont have a clue how to help everything im going through.
but its me, so why deny it?


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Nope. I am not going to burden my friends with it when they have their own stuff going on and I know my family wouldn't be supportive and they would jump down my throat at everything.

I do envy people who can talk to their family about things though.


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I told my sister and let her read my suicide note..She called the hospital and they told me to come to the hospital..I ended up in a psyc hospital for a month..She saved me because I was in the state of mind to commit..
If i ever told my parents about how low i feel, it wouldn't go down well at all! my dad's one of those "there's no such thing as cant" kind of people and thinks folk like me who suffer from depression are fools and sad cases! i too envy a family that can talk openly about such things :(


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I sent an e-mail to my Mom. I couldn't tell her in person. Honestly, it wasn't worth it. I was hurled with question after question and I had said I didn't even want to talk about it in the first place, but obviously there was no getting out of that.

It just depends how your parents are. My mom had told my dad and brother too, and my brother actually talked to me first because he got home before my mom did. My dad never said anything about it to me. But I never really talk to him about serious stuff like that anyways.

After a couple weeks we went back to normal life and everything is back to how it was. I am still unhappy and the only difference is now they know. I wish they didn't know. My mom says if I ever feel like that again, to talk to her. I can't do that. I just can't. Next time anything about this ever comes up, it'll be because I attempted, hopefully succeeded. I can't take this anymore.


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Yes, but it never goes well. 99% of friends just ignored or dropped me as it is too much for them or they just cant be bothered to deal with it. My mum and sister are just overbearing and think im just stupid. Dont these people get that the things the say like that just make you feel worse? Why i feel like just doing the damn thing and teaching them a lesson.


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My parents and sisters found out when I had a suicide attempt that landed me in the ICU then the mental hospital.
No one really ever speaks about it though and I never have told them of my other attempts.


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I tell colleagues I am on anti-depressants. Close friends have a clearer picture. I told my adult daughter and she says I have brought it all on myself and that I should stop being a drama queen. I feel so alone.
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