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Have you ever wondered??

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In my past of self-destruction and sufferings I often wondered why. Why was a being kept alive? I had tried and tried to kill myself through anything and everything. Yet--despite my best efforts I lived. So I was always stuck with this question as to why I was being kept alive, and I knew it wasn't by my own doing either. I had way too many close calls for that lie.
You know what? I do know why I was kept alive, and all the answers to the other questions in my life. I was ignorant of a lot of things, and thought I knew it all. I was trying to give up without giving myself a chance to learn the truth and having the ability to do anything about it. So instead of being allowed to die in my youthful ignorance I was spared so that I could learn the truth and put it to use and share with others what had happened to me.
Why do you think you are being spared in life? Have you ever wondered why? Would you want to know?
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