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  1. Hey guys

    Have you ever fallen in love with an older man. Im 18 and i have feelings for a man thats probably in his 40's maybe :mellow: , He happens to be my tutor at this course im doing and i cant stop thinking about him :sad: Its depressing me that i love him so much but we cant be together. Maybe im that screwed up that i only go for older men. Sadder thing is i cant trust guys my age

    Life suckz
  2. Beautiful Disaster

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    mm no, sorry hun

    maybe you are attracked to a older stable person.. someone you can rely on..

  3. Summer.Rain

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    When a girl date an older guy its 100% normal
    and the only problem with it is that in some countrys there is taboo against it.
    So i guess that if your image is more important then your feelings... dont do it..

    Anyways, girls are usally attracted to older guys just the same as older guys
    are usally attraced to younger girls!
  4. mdmefontaine

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    with the exception of 2 men....i have always dated/had relationships with, older men,, and when i was 18 i had a huge crush on a man who was 47. we went to dinner a few times, but i was still a virgin and not giving it up! lol and i am pretty sure that's all he could have wanted. he was very handsome and worldly.

    but as i get older, i have discovered the real truth is, that age is irrelevant. for me it is always the inside of a person. the heart and soul.
    for me it is never externals.
    not when it comes to the real thing.
  5. I think the guy is married to. I really feel like i can trust this guy i just wish we didnt have the relationship that we have. It would make alot of things easier
  6. Ziggy

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    The guy's married, and he's your tutor? If he's doing anything do lead you on, I'd report him.
  7. GeekGurl

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    i'm not sure you can really fall in love with someone who's age you don't even know. how much do you know about him? it's sounds like a crush. not surprising though, guys at your age are still louts, although some of them never grow out of it lol.
  8. Gud point ae, but it feels like im in love with him :(

    And nah hes not leading me on
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    I find maturity is a bit thing that sweeps me off my feet in a man,
    I dont date younger guys then me they just dont seem to be all i want :laugh: as in they dont have life experience, simple things that mean a lot to me i suppose.

    Chasing a married man is not a good idea, it can bite you in the ass and also can leave you feeling a little guilty.

    Age is just a number as long as there is a connection you can find love.
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    <Mod Edit: Abacus21 - insulting>
    When i said that i dated a 16 y\o girl when i was 20
    half of the freaking chat jumped on me and calling me a fucken pedo...
    I still recive haterate emails from unknown people from SF
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  11. BioHomocide

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    Sounds like you are looking for maturity....you know code word for a guy who has his shit together. And yeah I do agree there aren't any 18 yo men. They are all 18 yo boys.

    To be honest I doubt guys become men till their 30's.
    But yeah my male bashing aside. You are 18 and you can make your own decisions, but dont show this man affection without first thinking about all the possible down sides. Look at all the angles......if things look good then try for it. But if it's all just a phase then I dunno....Phases pass....just wait it out.
  12. jameslyons

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    When I was twenty I dated a thirty-year old woman. I don't think it's unusual to find mature people attractive. Neither is it unusual to find young people pretty :) . But I don't think there's much hope if he's your tutor - - not dating your students is the number one rule of all teaching professionals. They could be ruined if they do.

    Plus, he's married.
  13. It sucks in a way i know i cant but in another way i want him so badly and deep down id du anything to have him (as sick as that sounds).