Have you had your palm read?

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This kind of freaked me out. I had my palm read yesterday.

She said my palm was very clean, which meant there were hardly any of those wrinkles, which meant she couldn't tell much about me.

But what she did tell me that was true in my opinion:
  • I'm scared of something and I have tendancies to get headaches
  • I will get married by the time I am 23
  • I'm not enjoying life right now, but that will change soon
  • I'm very isolated to myself

The first one is definitely correct. It kind of freaked me out when she said it. I'm scared for my future and I do get headaches about it.

Then she said I will feel real love and get married by the time I am 23. :tiger:

Then the 3rd thing she said was that I wasn't enjoying life. How would she know that? I was smiling and was very, very opinionated on this being a load of rubbish. Plus I'm going to uni soon so I'll probably make some friends while learning Chinese there and that starts tomorrow.

Fourth thing she said was that I was very isolated to myself. How the hell could she have known that? I have no friends except my cousin in Taiwan and I haven't really made any other friends here because I never felt the need to in the UK or when I came to Taiwan. (Though this has recently changed!)

Coincidental or is she a genius?


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Coincidental. Palm reading is explained by science and reason, though it's a major buzz kill.

"I'm scared of something" - who isn't?
"I get headaches" - the vast majority of people do at some point or another
"I will get married by the time I am 23" - might be true, might not be. Probably statistically likely, but you won't know until later.
"I'm not enjoying life right now" - She may have figured that out from questions she asked you, but many people aren't, we're a very future-oriented species, never enjoying the moment, always looking forward to the weekend/vacation/Christmas, etc. so it's normally a reasonable guess.
"but that will change soon" - hopefully, but no way of knowing.
"I'm very isolated to myself" - I don't know you, but perhaps she inferred that from questions she asked you, or it could've been a lucky guess.

Unfortunately, there's no way to tell the future... There's plenty of ways to determine somebody's past/present without them realising it, though. Look up cold reading. It can be frighteningly effective if the practitioner is skilled.

I had my palm read: an early death awaits me. D:
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