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  1. but last night was just another one of them days. It all got too much to handle. I know i have my good days and my bad days, and that the good days are a reason to live for but sometimes it feels like it isnt worth it. There are too many bad days than there should be, and im tired and fed up of waiting for it all too be ok cause it isnt. it isnt ok, and im tired of lying behind it all and saying it is.

    i layed awake last night crying cos i jst didnt wana be here so badly right through until this morning. I hate that i have to be here whn i dont want to. shouldnt i have the right to chose when i want to die? my gf has been amazing through everything, and shes here 4 me, she came 1st thing this morning and layed and cried with me, shes my reason 2 be here. i know my family would be crushed but my mum and dad still have my brother and sister, people move on, they do. but i know if i leave my gf it will kill her n she wont want to be here, like i dont. and i dont want her to have that feeling. im here for her. living 4 her. i dont want her to feel like i do. shes my reason 2 be here. but im stuck in this life that i hate so much :(
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    I know what you mean and how you feel I was exactly the same way last night feeling like hell,I know it's such a battle and these are just word's and it's no easy challenge.
  3. your exactly right, ty. x
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    Hey there, is there anything in life, particular, making you feel so down? You say you get more good days than bad, what happens on these bad days? Does anything trigger you? If you can answer these questions and if you know what is making you feel so bad that can help you in making you feel better. You can solve the depressing issues no matter how impossible you may think it is, and we can help you.

    If there's no particular reason why you get these down days and feel suicidal then that doesn't mean there's no hope for you because there is.

    It's good you have your girlfriend, she sounds great, have you considered speaking to a doctor or a teacher (if you're in education) about how you're feeling? Could you talk to your parents?

    Take care of yourself :hug:
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