Haven't been on in awhile and sadly that's not due to good reasons

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    It's been two years since I last came on apparently... And I wish it was because I was better and things were working out for my benefit... But sadly that's not the case... I've been kicked out... Again... I didn't like the people I was living with... With the way they were treating me... Now I did get intentionally get kicked out... No I got I to a situation that I couldn't get out of and it sucked and it was horrible and they said they would have my back yeah well I went with my dad for one weekend because he came and visited and we got a little tired and didn't feel like driving an hour back to my house so we stayed at another family members... Well my step aunt n uncle decided to change the locks and not tell me why they were doing it... And that pisses me off... After I've done everything for them for six years they suddenly go and kick me out because of a situation I couldn't control?! I needed them and they fucking left me to deal with it on my own! Luckily my dad could have take me in and I was there for a bit and had a miscarriage cause guess what the fucking situation I couldn't control was being getting raped and getting pregnant... While I was with my dad I ended up going to the hospital for medical reasons to find out I'm anemic and that I have major back spasms because of lack of eating and the things I needed because my step aunt n uncle didn't give a damn to take me to the doctors when I needed it... Again though I had to move.. My dad couldn't house me for long and since I'm an adult I had to find my own way which was fine I'm not angry at my dad... And I'm good where I'm at but it'd be great if I didn't have to beg the fucking assholes I used to live with being my step aunt n uncle for all my shit and having to go to court because they have all my documents... It angers me what I've been through with them and they never cared... I just don't understand where I went wrong! And why they kicked me out for something I couldn't control !